The Traditional Cob Registry

Preserving and protecting the Traditional Cob as an ‘age-old’ breed that is native to Ireland and the UK

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TCR Background



Online Registration

We provide a modern state of the art online registration service that allows anyone from anywhere in the world register an Irish or Gypsy Traditional Cob in one place and for a very competitively priced registration fee that is the same for everyone.


Online Pedigree

We record TCR Pedigree and External Pedigree on our online database. A TCR Pedigree is compiled from our database of TCR registered cobs. An External Pedigree is an image of a pedigree complied from the database of another registry or breeding organization.


Online Grading

We currently provide an online grading service for TCR registered entire male cobs that have reached three years of age. We also plan to provide an online grading service for TCR registered female and gelding cobs as well as youngstock from 2021.



About Us

We are based in Ireland and our mission is to preserve the Traditional Cob as an 'age old' breed that is native to Ireland and the UK. To the aim we created one community based register for both Irish and Gypsy Traditional Cobs.


The Breed

The Traditional Cob is a distinctive breed of cob that was originally bred and kept by the nomadic Traveller / Gypsy community that roamed the British Isles (Ireland and the UK) to pull their Traveller barrel top / Gypsy wagons.


Registration Book

Our Registration Book is a quality booklet that contains a record of a TCR registered cob's breed and pedigree and also pages for recording the cob’s achievements and height etc.