We provide an online registration service that will allow anyone from anywhere in the world register an Irish Cob (also known as a Traditional Irish Cob) or Gypsy Cob (aka Traditional Gypsy Cob) in one register in Ireland and for a very competitively priced registration fee that is the same for everyone.

Registration Requirements

1. A microchip number

2. Two registration images.

speaker_notesNOTE: Because we consider a microchip and two registration images as sufficient for TCR identity verification purposes we do not require a Markings Chart to be completed for the purpose registering a cob with us.

Breed Name Selection

Purebred Traditional Cobs

For purebred Traditional Cobs our online TCR 'Register Cob' application requires one of the following breed names to be selected: -

Traditional Irish Cob (TIC)

Gypsy Cob (GC)

speaker_notesNOTE: A purebred Traditional Cob is a Traditional Cob by pedigree (i.e. has two recorded Traditional Cob parents) or visually (i.e. does not have two recorded Traditional Cob parents but is visually a Traditional Cob in its two registration images).

Crossbred Traditional Cobs

For crossbred Traditional Cobs our online cob registration application requires the following breed name to be selected: -

Crossbred Traditional Cob (CTC)

speaker_notesNOTE: A crossbred Traditional Cob is 50% Traditional Cob by pedigree (i.e. has one recorded Traditional Cob parent) or visually (i.e. does not have any recorded Traditional Cob parent but is visually at least 50% Traditional Cob in its two registration images).


We will not request payment until after the cob has been accepted for registration.

Registration Fee

Worldwide €25.00

(This fee covers TCR registration only)

Registration Book Fee

Ireland and UK €5.00

Outside Ireland and UK €10.00

(This fee covers production & shipping of the TCR Registration Book)