Online Grading

Entire males that are TCR registered and that have reached three year of age are eligible for TCR Grading


Grading Fee

Within Ireland and the UK €25.00
Outside Ireland and the UK €30.00


Grading Benefits

Grading is particularly important and valuable to owners of breeding stallions and mares.


Grading Criteria


The Grading Image will be used to assess the stallion's body condition and also its turnout and presentation. Poor body condition and/or poor turnout and presentation causes lower grading scores.


Grading Video 1 will be used to assess how well the stallion represents it's breed.


Grading Video 2will be used to asses the stallion's general conformation. Conformation faults cause lower grading scores.


Grading Video 3 will be used to assess if the stallion's movement is normal at walk and trot. Although Irish and Gypsy type Traditional Cobs can have high knee action (also referred to as ‘step’) high knee action is more usual for the Gypsy type Traditional Cob.


Grading Requirements

The online grading application requires one Grading Image and three Grading Videos to be uploaded.

Guide to taking the Grading Image

Instructions for making Grading Video 1

Instructions for making Grading Video 2

Instructions for making Grading Video 3


Grading Awards

The TCR grading awards are GOLD SILVER and BRONZE. Where a stallion is awarded three GOLD grades over three different years, the stallion will have earned a PLATINUM grade award. GOLD grade rosettes and PLATINUM grade plaques are also displayed as virtual rosettes on TCR Pedigrees.


Grading Scores

A copy of the completed Grading Sheet showing a stallion's grading scores will be emailed to the stallion owner. The owner will also be able to view the completed Grading Sheet by logging into their TCR account. View sample Stallion Grading Sheet