TCR Registration

​The Traditional Cob Registry (TCR) registration service is a modern state of the art online registration service that allows anyone from anywhere in the world to register an Irish or Gypsy Traditional Cob or a Part Bred Traditional Cob in one place and for a very competitively priced registration fee that is the same for everyone.

Registration Requirements

​• A microchip
​• Two images (photographs)

Registration Criteria

(a) Must have both the sire and dam registered in the TCR Traditional Cob Register, or
(b) Must look like the Traditional Cob breed.

NOTE: TCR uses the Registration Images (i.e. the two photographs required to be uploaded on the Registration Application) to judge if an animal looks a Traditional Cob. Although some owners may seek to argue that using images (photographs) to judge if an animal look like a Traditional Cob could not provide the same level of scrutiny ability as judging an animal live, TCR online registration using images (photographs) to judge if an animal looks like a Traditional Cob provides a reliable, safe, practical and economical way for owners anywhere in the world to register their Irish and Gypsy Traditional Cobs. Breed and pedigree registration is particularly important and valuable for breeding stallions and mares and their progeny.

Registration Fee

Within Ireland and the UK - Fee €30.00

Outside Ireland and the UK - Fee €35.00

NOTE: The registration fee covers the cost of shipping the TCR Registration Book