The Book

A TCR Registration Book is a quality booklet that contains a record of a TCR registered cob's breed and pedigree and also pages for recording the cob’s achievements and height as well as information pages.

Cobs That Are Kept in the EU

Because equine identification (i.e. having a passport for an equine) is mandatory in the EU and because TCR does not issue EU equine identification documents (passports), a cob that is kept in the EU should have at least has a 'basic' EU equine identification document (ID passport) before it is registered with TCR.

Cobs That Are Not Kept in the EU

If a cob that is not kept in the EU (or in any country where equine identification is mandatory) then a TCR Registration Book can used for general identity verification purposes and to record vaccinations. However, the cob cannot be imported into the EU unless it also gets an EU identification document (ID passport) when it arrives in the EU (which will therefore allow it to be kept in the EU).

Cobs That Already Have EU Studbook Passports

Because TCR does not maintain an EU studbook a TCR Registration Book cannot be purported to be an EU equine studbook identification document (studbook passport). For this reason, and because TCR registers all Irish and Gypsy Traditional Cobs, TCR can issue a Registration Book (optional additional breed and pedigree record) for Irish and Gypsy Traditional Cobs that are already registered in an EU studbook and that therefore already have EU studbook passports. The progeny owners (breeders) are therefore provided with the option to register the foals in the EU studbooks and/or in the TCR register.